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 Founded in June 1998, Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech Co., Ltd. is one of the key private companes heavily funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology of China (MOST) and financially supported

by Shanghai Municipal Government.
Shen-Li High Tech has committed itself to the resear-ch,development and industrialization of proton exchange membrane fuel cell(PEMFC) and vanadium flow technology both in PEMFC and VFB-ESS are in the leading status not only in China but also in the world.

Through the commitment and accomplishment of the Natio-nal Ninth Five-Year Key Science & Technology Project, the Tenth Five-Year 863 High Technology Project and the Eleventh Five-Year 863 High Technology Project, Shen-Li has grown into a company with complete proprietary in-tellectual property right of FC technology, and its FC relevant tech has even reached the international adva-nced level.
By the end of July 2011, our company has already applied for 343 items of FC relevant patents home and abroad, of which 174 are invention ones. What¨s more, 300 items of patents have been authorized, 4 of which are American.
VFB-ESS Technology

PEMFC Technology

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