Shenli Technology won the qualification of hydrogen battery for fuel cell vehicles
Shanghai Shenli technology in the vehicle fuel cell stacks and systems of long-term research and development accumulation, has a profound technical foundation and experience. Is really engaged in the domestic fuel cell stacks are engaged in R & D and production, but also with the actual operation of the stack and the system of experience in fuel cell research and development and production enterprises.
Recently, divine technology in the fuel cell hydrogen system technology made a major breakthrough in July 20, 2017 received the Shanghai Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the "special equipment installation and maintenance permit", approved for fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen Bottle for installation, modification and maintenance. The certificate level is level 1, allowing the installation, modification and maintenance of the pressure vessel, which means that Divine Technology already has the technical capacity and qualification of the vehicle fuel cell hydrogen cylinders for the installation and maintenance of this type of pressure vessel (without pressure restriction) (SG R3001-2006 "pressure vessel installation and maintenance of licensing rules"), to promote the fuel cell industry to make a positive contribution.